We Buy Diamonds


Diamonds hold a lot of value for such a small precious stone. Call and make an appoint to sit down with us to see if we can convert your diamond to cash.


What should you bring in? Obviously the ring or the loose diamond. Don’t forget to also bring, if possible, the appraisal, or more important, the grading document for the diamond. That can be in the form of a GIA Gemological Institute of America certified grading certificate, or and EGL, IGI, IGA, AGS certificate. These are just a few of the recognized grading labs that provide detailed information on the diamond. The certificate will provide the 4 C’s we need to ascertain the value of the diamond.


If you don’t have a certificate, that’s ok. We can do the grading. In most cases, we can make an offer to you after we examine the diamond. We meet you in a private office. Your transaction is confidential and no pressure. Call us today to setup an appointment.