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Consignment Services

London Gallery Auctions is a consignment business that was started to help sell a lot of the pieces that we bought for other than scrap. We transitioned from eBay to selling on Live auction sites. We now have close to 4000 items in our weekly auctions. Joel Richman is a partner in London Gallery Auctions and manages the day to day consignment operations. When items come to Westlake Gold, and we either cannot buy (art as an example), we will discuss the benefits of consigning your items for auction. Your items will be evaluated, and in many cases, a GIA Gemologist determines the grading and value if it’s jewelry. 


Your consignment items are then professionally photographed. Once they are ready to be placed in an auction, we give you the option of us holding the item, or you holding the item until it sells. Once it sells, we call you to tell you it’s sold and paid for, and to bring the item back. We give you a check (less the auction house fees) and you give us the item to ship. It’s that simple. In many cases, we can photograph the item when you come in and then will do the rest ourselves. Your valuables are always safe and insured while in our possession. Talk to us about your art and collectibles and how we can help you turn those items to cash.

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