Westlake Gold | Process
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If you are new to selling jewelry, you will find the process to identify the karat of each item simple. We first look at each item for any stamp it may have. Based on the stamp, we will do a test with acids to determine what karat it is. We then separate each item by karat and group them together (10kt with 10kt items, 14kt. with 14kt items, so on to 24kt). We then weigh each group and record it in our pricing software. If there is silver or platinum, we verify the metal, and also weigh. Minor deductions are taken when the jewelry has gemstones or anything not a precious metal.


We look to determine if there is any gold filled or plated jewelry which we don’t buy. We test with magnets, and also acids when silver has no stamp as there are very good “imitation” jewelry that look real, however when tested with acid, different reactions occur when the item is not real.


The video shows how the testing is done. The stone which the item is tested on is extremely smooth and is used so as not to damage your jewelry. Take a look: