Lab Grown Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know

Image of a diamond being held with jewelry tweezers against a white background.

The popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds has grown substantially over the past several years. However, the idea of buying one for an engagement ring or otherwise might be met with skepticism. This post is meant to help our customers take a few moments to familiarize themselves with Lab Grown Diamonds, and why they are a […]

Westlake Gold’s Guide to Designer Diamond Jewelry Brands

Image of a diamond bracelet sparkling on a black background.

Diamond jewelry is an ever-growing market, and fine jewelry remains a big part of life’s biggest celebrations—engagements, weddings, coronations, graduations, job promotions, and more. Jewelry is a fitting tribute to moments we want to revisit and remember forever. Here is Westlake’s guide to diamond jewelry brands that pioneered the market today: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany […]

Westlake’s Guide to Diamond Rings

Diamond rings can be classified in many ways, but the classifications used most often are by design, type of setting, shape, and cut of the diamonds, and metal used to make the band. In this brief and useful guide, we break down different attributes and types of diamond rings. Are you looking to sell your […]