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We pay competitive pricing on your jewelry, broken and scrap gold or silver and diamonds. Come in or call today to let us evaluate and provide you a no-obligation, and more importantly, a “no pressure to sell” quote!



There is no “one” pricing when selling your gold and silver. We test and separate each item by karat. We weigh each karat grouping together to pay you at different rates based on the gold karat content. You won’t find us “under” karating your gold. We know that there are buyers that look at the items and give you a price without ever weighing or determining the karat content. We will never do that. Our payouts are high, but we also need to make money, otherwise why be in business. Our prices change daily based on the current day’s “Spot” price determined on www.kitco.com, the industry’s “go to” site for up to date pricing.

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