Sell Your Precious Stones and Metals Locally

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Sell your precious stones and metals locally. Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation.

Did you recently inherit jewelry that you won’t wear? Is it outdated, or just not your style? Do you have jewelry that hasn’t been worn in years and you don’t see it being worn again by you? Did you think about selling gold to your local jeweler – but didn’t want to feel pressured into buying another piece of jewelry at the store?  Did you think about selling gold to a pawnshop but feel a little uncomfortable going into one? Perhaps you considered selling gold discreetly to an online gold buyer but were not comfortable shipping your unwanted gold?

About Westlake Gold:

Westlake Gold is the best way to get paid for gold and other metals in the Conejo Valley in a pressure-free, upscale establishment.

Westlake Gold buys gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in a secure, office environment.  And, that is all we do!  No one will be coming in to pawn a guitar while you’re selling gold. No one will pressure you into spending the money you’ve just been paid for your unwanted gold jewelry on a new pair of earrings or a gold ring – because we don’t sell anything!  You can get paid for your items on the spot in Westlake Village at the Westlake Gold office location.  It’s simple: Bring your unwanted jewelry, sterling silverware or other items to the Westlake Gold office in Westlake Village and we will test and value your items and you leave with a company check.

There was a proliferation of gold buyers as gold prices continued to rise and many individuals and businesses saw an opportunity to enter the cash for gold industry. When gold dropped in 2012, the majority of the “get rich quick” gold stores shut their doors. My previous employer, Goldfellow stayed true to it’s mission to offer personalized service, with no pressure to sell. Now that GoldFellow is no longer in Westlake Village, Westlake Gold will continue on with the same friendly staff and same trust and confidence you gave me over the past six years. All we do is buy gold, silver, watches and diamonds.

Westlake Gold offers consumers money for gold/silver and precious stones.  Selling your stones and metals has never been easier, safer or more profitable.

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