How To Sell Gold: Westlake’s Quick Guide

Image of gold items on a white background.

How do I sell my gold? Do you have gold to sell, but aren’t sure where to start? What are the dangers and hassles to avoid? How do you get the best price? Continue reading for Westlake Gold’s guide to making this process a little easier. We can help you identify how and when to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Gold Investment

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Gold is an excellent and withstanding choice for investment for a multitude of reasons. It can be used as a hedge against inflation and will retain or increase in value due to increasing scarcity. Gold is also a great portfolio diversifier for investors of many kinds. So, what types of gold should you invest in […]

5 Gold Coins for Buying or Investment

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Buying gold is a great way to hedge against inflation and preserve the value of your investment even when the currency prices fluctuate. Gold generally maintains its value over time and is a good way to pass down investments or diversify your investment portfolio. Gold can also be beneficial to have during times of crisis […]

Types of Gold Jewelry: A Brief Guide

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Solid Gold Solid Gold jewelry (colloquially referred to as ‘real gold’) is the most valuable form of jewelry you can buy. You’ll often see solid gold jewelry denoted as a number followed by ‘k’ or ‘ct’. E.g., 9k gold or 9ct gold. This refers to the ‘purity’ of gold, which is expressed as carats (‘ct’) or karats (‘k’). The purest form […]

How do I know if my Gold Chain is Real? A Brief Overview

Two gold chains with pendants

Gold chains are must-have timeless pieces of jewelry regularly worn by both men and women for many occasions. Many people pay high prices for real gold chains for many reasons, including the items lasting longer, retaining more value as an investment, and often as a flex or symbol of wealth. The ancient Egyptians believed gold was […]

How the Market Price for Gold is Determined

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The Gold Fixing Process The first gold rush of 1697 brought the first gold from Brazil to London. Today, the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) manages the London Good Delivery List, the only bullion market accreditation accepted across the globe. For over a century, five companies ran the London Gold Market Fixing Company and set […]