Gold: Tips to Know Before You Sell

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The best tips to know before you sell your gold.

Know What You Have

You’ll often see solid gold jewelry denoted as a number followed by ‘k’ or ‘ct’. E.g., 9k gold or 9ct gold. This refers to the ‘purity’ of gold, which is expressed as carats (‘ct’) or karats (‘k’).

The purest form of gold you can get is 24k gold which is 100% pure gold. 24k gold is very yellow in color and soft in texture. As it’s too soft to practically use in jewelry, pure gold is often mixed (aka ‘alloyed’) with other metals to make it more durable. These gold alloys are what we refer to as ‘solid gold’ in jewelry.

Gold jewelry is rarely made from pure gold. Most jewelry in the United States is 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold that is comprised of gold and other alloys. When selling your gold, you will only get paid for the parts that are pure gold.

Read more in Westlake’s guide here.

Get an Appraisal

It is also a good idea to have antique or intricate jewelry appraised before selling it. Designer or antique jewelry could be worth more to sell as a finished piece than for its gold metal.

An appraisal is considered a document that describes an item, assesses its relative quality, and assigns a value to it. Descriptions usually cover the visible, measurable, and analyzable facts about the item (weight, materials, markings). Most jewelry appraisals also describe subjective features such as gem quality, rarity, and quality of the manufacture. 

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Find a Reputable Buyer

Westlake Gold buys precious metals of gold, silver and platinum, watches, loose and mounted diamonds, and vintage jewelry. In addition to buying your scrap gold and silver, we also buy diamonds, name-brand jewelry, silver or gold coins, and timepieces such as Rolex, Cartier, Bvlgari, Roberto Coin, Van Cleef, and Arpel, and many more.

With over 15 years of experience, Westlake Gold can quickly determine what your items are worth and offer you the best price available. We pride ourselves on giving our customers excellent service, saving you time and money. Call us today for a free consultation and jewelry cleaning.

Know the Price of Gold

Keep up with the prices of gold by using our spot price checker tool.

We pay competitive pricing on your jewelry, broken and scrap gold or silver and diamonds. Come in or call today to let us evaluate and provide you a no-obligation, and more importantly, a “no pressure to sell” quote!

There is no “one” pricing when selling your gold and silver. We test and separate each item by karat. We weigh each karat grouping together to pay you at different rates based on the gold karat content. You won’t find us “under” karating your gold. We know that there are buyers that look at the items and give you a price without ever weighing or determining the karat content. We will never do that. Our prices change daily based on the current day’s “Spot” price determined on, the industry’s “go to” site for up-to-date pricing.

Keep Expectations Realistic

For most people, selling gold jewelry will not make you rich on its own. It might, however, put some extra dollars in your pocket and allow for larger purchases for you and your estate.

Here are a few other common reasons people sell their gold:

  • Diversify investment portfolio
  • Pay for college tuition
  • To make a large purchase like a car or house
  • Medical bills
  • Trade or liquidate an investment

Ready to sell your gold jewelry? Contact Westlake Gold today for a free consultation and jewelry cleaning.

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