Determining Authenticity in Gemstones and Pearls

Image of an emerald laid within set diamond jewelry necklace

When buying gemstones and pearls, it is important to know if they are genuine or an imitation. Very similar to how diamonds are priced, colored gemstones with better clarity will cost more per carat. Having a gemstone with a better cut is often worth a bit more, and the bigger the stone, generally, the more it […]

Types of Gold Jewelry: A Brief Guide

Image of gold bars and gold coins in a pile

Solid Gold Solid Gold jewelry (colloquially referred to as ‘real gold’) is the most valuable form of jewelry you can buy. You’ll often see solid gold jewelry denoted as a number followed by ‘k’ or ‘ct’. E.g., 9k gold or 9ct gold. This refers to the ‘purity’ of gold, which is expressed as carats (‘ct’) or karats (‘k’). The purest form […]

How do I know if my Gold Chain is Real? A Brief Overview

Two gold chains with pendants

Gold chains are must-have timeless pieces of jewelry regularly worn by both men and women for many occasions. Many people pay high prices for real gold chains for many reasons, including the items lasting longer, retaining more value as an investment, and often as a flex or symbol of wealth. The ancient Egyptians believed gold was […]